A Hobbit kinship on
LOTRO’s Laurelin [EN-RP] server.

The latest in Shire gossip


Xobin for May King

Vote Xobin for May King.Get a free pie.Stands for fun, food and drink.Treasure hunting and lore research. The search for the next May Queen and King!

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The Hobbitry-in-Arms is a Hobbit-only roleplaying and adventuring kinship on Lord of the Rings Online’s Laurelin [EN-RP] server.

Calling all Hobbits! With talk of brigands and worse sorts reaching us, the Hobbitry-in-Arms is mustering. Are you worthy of wielding a shovel, rolling pin, saucepan, or whatever else you have to hand? Enjoy fine company, a full belly, and a good gossip?


Whether you’re curious about the kinship, or interested in collaborating, we’re here to answer any questions. Send us a letter via The Quick Post!