A successful first happy hour!

The Hobbitry-in-Arms held our first ever happy hour last night at The Dancing Coney Inn, Sootcrest. Many of the Hobbitry and friends came along to give their support, which barmaid and host Bella (me!) was thrilled to see.

Many of the Hobbitry and friends gathered.

There was one hitch, however. The bard Bella had hired to entertain the punters was unwell and unable to attend. She had to find a solution fast! Her poor lute strumming skills were just not good enough for her customers! She couldn’t possibly impose that on the poor folk.

Talented bard Nonette took the stage.

Luckily all in the inn were in the company of many talented musicians. Phew! They stepped up, took the stage and gave the other happy revellers a grand time.

Who dared show their face later in the evening? Branco, the strutting peacock of a bard that was ‘too sick’ to perform! It turns out he wasn’t unwell at all, it was a mere excuse. The cheek of it! Bella ordered him to play without pay as punishment.

Shire peacock Branco with shifty Xobin in the background.

Branco declared that ‘greatness was about to happen’. Well, greatness it was certainly not! Branco played just one note before leaving the stage, believing he had done enough for the evening. Again, the cheek of it! Bella kicked him out of the inn. Good riddance!

The rest of the happy hour went swimmingly with other musicans taking stage, Miss Nonette telling a very amusing story and the happy, well-fed, well-watered punters dancing the evening away.

Galifer and Ragamuffin, friends of the Hobbitry, brought some friends along to play some right toe-tappers!

Your glamourous barmaid and host of the evening!

Overall, the first ever happy hour at The Dancing Coney Inn was an absolute success. We hope to hold future happy hours, so please watch this space for more information!


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