Yuletide is nigh!

You may have seen that, with Yule around the corner, we made a couple of appearances in Miss Pycella’s Hobbity Yule Calendar on Day 1 and Day 8!

T’was lots of fun to put summat together as Pycella does grand each year bringing it together, and the Hobbit community is a rich and inspiring ‘un.

We also had the pleasant surprise of bumping into Miss Hollybyre (whose videos are fantastic, have a look!) during our sneaky trip into Frostbluff, prior to the start of the Yule festival on the 9th of December.

There, the Hobbitry hobbits (including our Bullroarers band) and Miss Galifer from the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom were helping me put together the Yule video, which started out with the intent to simply play a few festive songs for the calendar, but then grew into a grander-than-anticipated project! We gathered the Hobbits into all sorts of scenarios and they humoured me, often at short notice when a rascally idea would come to mind.

Though I expect a certain “treasure hunter” may be making a strongly worded complaint to the Deputy Mayor after the amount of “damage” done to him at the end there…

No Xobins were harmed in the making of this video.

The calendar should get you warmed up good and proper for some notable upcoming Yule events, including some of our favourites:

And on the 19th we’ll invite our friends to join us for a bit of a Yule celebration ourselves:

The Hobbitry-in-Arms invites you!

Read about the event here!


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