Hobbitry Yule Revelries!

The Hobbitry-in-Arms invites you!

Date: Sunday 19th December 2021
Time: 2:30 PM server time (7:30 PM UK time)
Location: Winter-home, Frostbluff at the stable master (on Laurelin)

Event details:

All friends, locals and passers-by are welcome!

We will gather in Winter-home to enjoy fine company, festive games (including a Yule-themed Riddle Run), scrummy food, and ale a-plenty!

There will be music from our band, The Bullroarers!

Riddle Run (The Yule Edition!)

  • Gather into teams of 1-4 (fun team names are not only welcome but encouraged) for our festive-themed Riddle Run!
  • Don’t have a team? No worries. We can help you find team mates if you wish!
  • Find all five clues within Frostbluff (you will be given an item upon finding a clue) to be in with a chance of winning first, second and third place prizes!
  • Time permitting, there will be other games and prizes too.

OOC details:

We welcome all races to share in our Yule celebrations with us!

For more information please contact one of our officers (Demelsa, Bella, Wheatberry, Bennidict, or Pernella) in-game.

On the night, send a /tell to Demelsa to get invited to the raid. This will help you find the right Frostbluff layer!

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