Taking The Hobbitry To Isen…what?

Is there any such thing as easing gently into a new year?

If you look to events that unfolded at the Hobbitry-in-Arms’ first Shire-moot of 2022, the answer is no.

It was there that a frazzled Quick Post-lass burst into the kin burrow and delivered a letter. I know, what strange happenings! A letter actually got delivered in a timely fashion!



What were the contents of this definitely not dodgy, forged letter, I hear ye wonder?


To my excellent Hobbitry-in-Arms,

The time has come for me to send you on a mission of great secrecy and of great importance.
Word has come to me that Lotho Sackville-Baggins has obtained the location of a rare pipeweed plant located near Isengard, from old hobbit lands thought to be abandoned in the long forgotten past.
Your task is to go to Isengard and obtain some seeds of this plant.

Your orders:

- Learn to spar in case you meet ruffians and practice your walking for the long march.
- Be friendly to strangers.
- Purchase goods with coins.
- Stock up on provisions.

Good luck.

Thain Paladin Took


Much hmming and arrring and despairing ensued as the gathered Shire-folk bemoaned the suggestion that they might soon have to dust off walking sticks and Yule meal-induced slumbers to partake in such a folly. Potentially out of bounds.



Hoping that this Isen-wotsit place wouldn’t be much further than Frogmorton, we got some practice in early; traipsed to the library at the Smials to see if we could find out anything about it. Some good hobbit fun ensued:


Thus, a dusty map with an old pipeweed delivery route to Isengard was eventually uncovered (to some queerly-named lad called Sharkey…), and it was determined with many grumbles that we needed to prepare for our unexpected and unwanted journey: this Taking The Hobbitry To Isengard expedition.


We will prepare with dragged feet and a couple of surprise bootcamp picnic sessions, which will lead into an all-out expedition to Isengard.

Make sure to bring your clubs and kitchen knives…because we have some rather large pies to tackle, of course. No other reason…

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