A Wander Into Yondershire (A sneaky peek at Yondershire)!

I lost an evening exploring Yondershire on the Bullroarer test server ahead of update 33. No regrets!



As of update 33, the portal between Ered Luin and Needlehole will be no more!

What is Yondershire?

Read about it here in the latest producer’s letter.

How do I get to Yondershire? 


Upon release of Update 33, you will be able to access Yondershire in a few different ways:

  1. West out of Little Delving
  2. North-west out of Needlehole through Rushock Gate
  3. South-east out of Ered Luin past the Falathlorn Homesteads through the Eastway
  4. South-west out of Oatbarton through Bullroarer’s Sward

The update will add much sparse but stunning land to explore between The Shire and Ered Luin

Coming with Update 33!

“The biggest victory, for me, with Yondershire is finally connecting Ered Luin to the rest of the game world after 15 years of it living in its own little pocket dimension. 
As of update 33, you will be able to run a character from Ered Luin to Mordor, with the only loading screens being the inter-territory teleports (between Eriador-Rhovanion, Rhovanion-Gondor, Gondor-Mordor) provided your character meets the requirements for those teleports, and the character survives the run!”

Scenario (senior world designer) via the LOTRO forums

What questing level is Yondershire?

20-23 seems to be the level range, in line with the bordering areas of Ered Luin, Evendim and the original chunk of Shire.

Notable book Shire settlements coming to the game:

  • Nobottle – It’s said that Christopher Tolkien himself proposed this name to his father while drawing A Part of the Shire in 1943!
  • Tighfield – This was the home of the Gamwiches or “Gammidges”, who were ancestors of the Gamgee family.
  • Gamwich – From here came the earliest members of Sam Gamgee’s family.
  • Long Cleeve – Home of the descendants of our beloved Bullroarer Took, and Pippin Took’s future bride, Diamond.

Tankards at the ready? New inns to explore!

  • The Roaring Bull in Long Cleeve
  • The Elbow’s End in Tighfield
  • The Fox and the Fiddle in Nobottle
  • The Brimful Quiver in Gamwich


I can’t remember a more exciting update for our Hobbit roleplaying community… unless it be Hobbit premium housing, more character creation options, a new Hobbit “race”, or the long-awaited Scouring of the Shire! Not that I’m hinting or owt…


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