The Bullroarers’ Night of Frights!


Date: Saturday 29th, October
Time: 7.00 PM UK time/2:00 PM server time
Location: Wistmead
Contact: Nonette, Demelsa, Bella & Bennidict


Bring your own boos to our scary-themed concert in Wistmead! This promises to be a laid-back evening where we will play some of our more eerie tunes.


Do dress up in your best frightening outfits!


OOC details:


This is a hobbit-ran roleplaying event, though we welcome all comers along.


The concert will take place in Wistmead. We’ll gather at the grassy clearing between the path that leads to Cleary’s Acres and the spot where you uncover the Cleary’s Acres sign. In order to get into the same layer as the band, please send an in-game tell (/tell) to one of the listed officers.


Wistmead is a closed location that can be accessed during the Harvest Festival. It is accessible via a horse near Bingo Boffin [29.8S, 71.2W] under the Party Tree during the Festival.


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