About The Hobbitry

The Hobbitry-in-Arms is a Hobbit-only roleplaying and adventuring kinship on Lord of the Rings Online’s Laurelin [EN-RP] server.

In The Lore

The Hobbitry-in-arms is the scarcely used (forgotten) and hurriedly-assembled militia of the Shire. Thain Paladin Took II is its captain. He has the authority to muster a Hobbitry in times of great emergency, but it is long since there has been any need of one; the rangers quietly and thanklessly shelter the Shire from dangers beyond the bounds, and Shire government is largely ceremonial, if it exists at all. Thus, the Hobbitry has become a mere relic of tougher times. Any weapons from such times gather dust on the walls of the Mathom-House.

The Kinship

The rangers have moved off on hushed ventures, and there is much talk and tutting about brigands and worse being abroad. Might it be that a Shire-moot soon needs calling?

This is a militia in the barest sense of the word, not taking itself too seriously; Shire-moots are usually more about facilitating gossip, companionship, and good cheer than serious war effort. But in cases of great emergency, we step up—with pitchforks, shovels, rolling pins, saucepans, and whatever else we can hastily lay our hands on!

To summarise, the Hobbitry-in-Arms is a hobbit-only roleplaying and adventuring kinship on Lord of the Rings Online’s Laurelin [EN-RP] server. We welcome good-natured hobbits of all levels.

"For the Shire!"


The Hobbitry-in-Arms formed from the ashes of the People of the Shire kinship, one of the bigger Hobbit kinships back in the day. Some core friendships there have lasted through the years and carried over into the present day, and we share many values—namely to be supportive of each other, enjoy the game’s content together, form meaningful alliances with like-minded folk, and have fun in all Hobbity things!

Events and Activities

  • Regular Shire-moots (kinship gatherings)
  • Dancing Coney Happy Hours (inn nights)
  • Special events involving pony races, pie processions, chicken runs, fishing contests, riddle runs and more!
  • Musical events and activities with our band, The Bullroarers!
  • Regular adventures (instances, raids, expeditions, and just plain exploring) with each other, our alt characters, and allies.
  • Many of us are regulars of long-running Hobbit community event favourites like Green Dragon Friday

In Middle Earth

We make our home in Sootcrest, in the Shire Homesteads:


  • Our Kinship Burrow – 4 Brookbank Street
  • Crafting facilities – 5 Harrow Road
  • The Dancing Coney Inn – 4 Myrtle Court
  • The Hobbitry Mathom-house – 2 Chalk Road

Out of Bounds

  • An active Discord server for everyday chat, kin planning, roleplay, crafting orders, voice chatting, etc., when being in-game isn’t convenient.
  • Click here to visit our YouTube channel.
  • The Hobbitry-in-Arms on Laurelin Archives? Here!


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