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Taking The Hobbitry To Isengard: Part 13!

14 November, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm GMT

We’ll be concluding our Taking The Hobbitry To Isengard expedition!


Last time, we reached the gates of Isengard to be…welcomed??…by an elderly fellow of the tower, and his shadowy and quite mean-looking agents. He invited the group to shelter from danger and stay as his guests, and then each hobbit seemed to fall unconscious before they could even be whisked away to their comfy beds!

This week, we will meet in The Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving (yes, you heard that right, our beloved Shire!) for the penultimate episode of The Hobbitry Goes to Isengard!

OOC details:

Minimum level 49 for summons to the secret area!

This is the last in a long-running series of biweekly roleplay events hosted by The Hobbitry-in-Arms on LOTRO’S Laurelin server. Each installation aims to last one hour to an hour and a half, though we may run over a little bit on occasion.

All Hobbit characters are welcome along! Note, this is a Hobbit-preferred event, but we won’t shun observers or passersby of varying limb sizes.

We encourage you to wear your best walking outfits and to bring along appropriate pets such as ponies, donkeys, and hounds.

Timeline-wise, ol’ Sharkey AKA Saruman is still in power at Orthanc as this expedition will culminate in a good excuse to do the Isengard instance cluster and associated deeds.

Note that we are fast drawing near the end of the expedition now! After the conclusion of the journey, we plan to do the level 75 Isengard instances for anyone that would like to catch up their level in order to join us for those.

Xobin Harfoot

The Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving, The Shire