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Taking The Hobbitry To Isengard: Part 6


3 May, 2022 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm BST


We’ll be continuing our Taking The Hobbitry To Isengard expedition!

In the previous chapter, we passed over the Last Bridge and into the autumnal forest of the Trollshaws, where we misstepped into the Angle. Fortunately, a company of elves set us on the right path towards Rivendell after a bite to eat, though we bedded down in Thorenhad when nightfall brought out the trolls.

You can read how the event came about here. There will be food and ale a-plenty to ease our passage and soothe our grumping, perhaps a few distant cousins and the possibly a twist or two along the way…

Grab them walking sticks and handkerchiefs on the way out the door!


OOC details:

This is the latest in a long-running series of biweekly roleplay events (alternating between Monday and Tuesday) hosted by The Hobbitry-in-Arms on LOTRO’S Laurelin server. Each installment aims to last one hour to an hour and a half, though we may run over a little bit on occasion.

All Hobbit characters are welcome along! Note, this is a Hobbit-preferred event, but we won’t shun observers or passersby of varying limb sizes!

We encourage you to wear your best walking outfits and to bring along appropriate pets such as ponies, donkeys, and hounds.

Timeline-wise, ol’ Sharkey AKA Saruman is still in power at Orthanc as this expedition will culminate in a good excuse to do the Isengard instance cluster and associated deeds.

If you’re late, send a /tell to an officer who will assist you in finding us.



Xobin Harfoot


Thorenhad, Trollshaws