Calling all Hobbits!

With talk of brigands and worse sorts reaching us, the Hobbitry-in-Arms is mustering. Are you worthy of wielding a shovel, rolling pin, saucepan, or whatever you have to hand? Enjoy fine company, a full belly, and good gossip? If so, continue reading!

What we look for

Shire-folk of different backgrounds, playing styles, and levels are welcome in our kinship. Any hobbit looking for a good-natured, lore-observant, supportive, and laid-back kin that enjoys roleplaying and/or tackling group content (instances, raids, landscape, etc.) together.


  • Be friendly, supportive and respectful to each other. We welcome a variety of personalities; if you have a grumpy hobbit, grump away! Just make sure that you keep in-character and out-of-character separate. Ruffle each others’ feathers in character if you like, but aim to stay civil with the player behind the character.
  • Be lore-observant and respectful to Tolkien’s world. We like to stay as hobbit-like as possible, at the same time allowing room for fun and creativity. It’s not our aim to be lore pitbulls; we won’t tell you how to interpret the lore or how you should play your character. However, we like to go about our adventures and acitivites—which would make respectable folk tut in disapproval—with discretion in public Shire settings, until such a time as war comes to the Shire.
  • Our in-game kinship chat allows both in-character and out-of-character chatting. We just ask that you put OOC (out-of-character) conversation in brackets, ((like this)). The shortcut to type in the kinship channel is /k
  • Activity-wise, we aren’t the strictest, as we respect that life and alts happen. However, we tend to demote characters that have not logged in for 100 days or more to recruit. If after 300 days the character has still not logged in or showed signs of activity, we may remove them from the kinship. Exemptions are allowed! Just keep us informed about your whereabouts; let an officer know you’ll be away. Reapplications are always welcome.


Include a first and last names (if applicable), something about your personality, background, motivations, etc. This can be from an in-character or out-of-character point of view.