The Bullroarers

About the band

The Bullroarers (so-named in honour of the mighty Bullroarer Took himself!) are a gathering of musical Hobbits who get together regularly to drum up some noise.

Tis a great excuse to get out of Master Dobb’s surprise excursions from time to time…


Many of us have years of experience using the in-game music system and performing for in-game bands. We have played prominent music and roleplay events, and even dabble in putting together the odd musical.


Musical Style

We tend to play a mixture of traditional and more modern songs, both instrumental and reimagined with Hobbitish lyrics, in a wide variety of tones from serious to dramatic, jovial or downright silly, all with a touch of the Shire thrown in!



The band is open to all kinship members, regardless of experience level. Have a word with an officer to inquire.



Interested in having us perform at your event? Contact us!

Meet The Bullroarers!

Benni (Bennidict)
Fin (Aodhfin)